Engine industry sealant solution

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The problem that often occurs in the engine during operation is “three leaks” (leakage, oil leakage and air leakage). The “three leaks” seem to be normal and not worth mentioning. However, it directly affects the normal use of the car and the appearance of the car engine. Cleanliness. In order to avoid three leaks such as air leakage, oil leakage and water leakage during engine operation, many sealing problems are involved in the production process of the engine.
Engine industry sealant solution
Sealant is a new type of sealing material for modern automobile engines. Its appearance and development provide good conditions for improving the sealing technology and solving the "three leaks" of the engine. According to the different components of the engine, it can be roughly divided into three types, namely, joint sealing, screw fitting sealing, and rotating sealing. For different types of seals, different types of sealants can generally be used to solve them.
First, the joint surface seal
Engine industry sealant solution
The joint surface includes the joint surface gap and all the parts using the sealant, such as the joint surface of the cylinder block and the cylinder head surface. This part generally has interface leakage. To avoid interface leakage, it is recommended to select anaerobic flat sealant. Sealing, sealant can be used alone or in combination with their gaskets in engine valve cover, oil sump, valve lifter cover, etc. This product has high bonding strength, good sealing performance, good oil resistance, etc. Excellent performance.
Second, the bolt part seal
Engine industry sealant solution
The bolt parts are mainly for the requirements of stable locking force rejection, sealing, rust prevention, etc., to prevent loosening due to vibration. According to the characteristics of the bolt, this part needs to use anaerobic bolt-locking glue. This kind of product can effectively fill the gap between the threads after the glue is applied, achieving the effect of 100% contact, forming a thermosetting plastic after curing, making the bolt and The spiral space is formed into one body, and the cured film has good corrosion resistance to acid oil, alkali, oil, gas and the like. Depending on the size of the bolt, it is recommended to use KY2243, 2263 and other thread locking products.
Third, the rotating part seal
Engine industry sealant solution
The rotating part is used to avoid wear on the journal during operation. Generally, it is sealed by anaerobic cylindrical retaining products during assembly. These products can effectively fill the low point after use, making the point contact become surface contact, making the shaft The sleeve and the shaft form a whole, which can effectively extend the service life of the shaft. It is recommended to use Kane's new material KY2680 cylindrical retaining anaerobic adhesive.
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