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Oil Pan Gasket

Any comeback is bad, but having to remove an inferior oil pan gasket will really ruin your day.  Haishan Sealing oil pan gaskets are built to meet or exceed the standard of original equipment manufacturers around the world, and deliver the seal that prevents drops on the driveway.
Over the years, oil pans have evolved from simple stamped steel pans into sophisticated engine components that play a major role in controlling the engine's NVH (Noise, Vibration, and Harshness). In late model vehicles, the engine crankcase, oil pan and oil pan gasket are all designed to form a complete sealing and NVH system. Haishan Sealing has the expertise required to ensure complete compatibility with late-model oil-pan technology.

Molded Rubber-On-Carrier Oil Pan Gaskets


  • Featuring high-temperature silicone rubber seals precision molded on composite nylon or metal carriers

    • Manufactured from materials selected to meet SAE standards

  • Some carriers are encased in molded rubber and others have edge-molded rubber sealing beads depending on the application.

  • Excellent performance and extremely long sealing life


Precision Molded Rubber Gaskets


  • Designed with specific molded features that meet the specifications of today’s engine components

  • Compression limiters may be incorporated in the oil pan or may be part of the gasket design

  • All Victor Reinz molded rubber gaskets use polymers chosen to resist compression set – that’s when a gasket loses its ability to “push back” against sealing surfaces, which can allow leakage.