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Intake and Exhaust Gasket

Intake manifold gaskets need to weather harsher environments than ever, including exposure to extended-life anti-freeze, also known as OAT (Organic Acid Technology) coolants. Haishan Sealing intake manifold gaskets are built to stand up to today’s challenges, from engine design to coolant formulations to the “less than ideal” maintenance practices of many vehicle owners.
Intake manifold gasket set coverage includes:
Upper intake manifold (plenum) gasket sets that contain the components needed to seal the joint between the upper (plenum) and lower manifold sections.
Lower intake manifold gasket sets that seal the joint(s) between the lower manifold and cylinder head(s).
Many intake manifold gasket sets that include gaskets and seals for both the upper manifold (plenum) joint(s) and lower manifold joint(s).

Haishan Sealing Offers the Right Gasket Materials and Designs.

Intake manifold gaskets are primarily constructed from one of four materials:

  • Composite paper (with coatings and/or sealing beads)

    • Cost-effective where suitable

    • Resists torque loss

    • Able to be trimmed to exact dimensions in non-stock performance applications

  • Composite paper on Perforated Steel Core (with sealing beads or embossments)

    • Cost-effective for sturdier conventional engines

    • Premium-grade, high-density facing material combined with a perforated steel core resists fuel and coolant exposure.

  • Rubber Molded on Plastic Carrier (nylon composite)

    • High-quality, post-cured rubber compounds

    • Leak-resistant intake sealing

    • Resistant to compression set, so the bead does not flatten and lose its seal

  • Rubber Molded on Steel Carrier

    • Engineered for extreme operating environments

    • Optimal protection against OAT (Organic Acid Technology) coolants and other causes of deterioration


Exhaust manifold gaskets must withstand temperatures of up to 1400° F—and be able to stand up to wear and tear between manifolds and cylinder heads. And as manifold flanges warp in these extreme conditions, you need a gasket that can help keep things sealed. Haishan Sealing exhaust manifold gaskets deliver peak performance in these tough conditions.
Exhaust Manifold Gaskets: Modern Materials for All Vehicles.
Exhaust manifold gasket technology has evolved immensely over the years, from the earliest fiber gaskets to graphite to today’s multi-layered steel (MLS). Because Haishan Sealing has a long heritage of supplying gaskets to original equipment manufacturers, we are uniquely qualified to provide MLS gaskets and other constructions that meet OE specifications on a wide range of vehicles going back decades. Whether the application is a late model import or a classic muscle car – Haishan Sealing has the right exhaust manifold gasket for you.  Also, in the world of high performance vehicles, tubular exhaust manifolds are called headers – and we’ve got the “header gaskets” to fit.